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First and foremost, email campaigns should always use a subject line that’s straight forward, not misleading. The subject line should be 100% relevant to your email’s content. Avoid using spam words in your subject line like, "FREE, fast cash, & Act now"! Avoid using all caps, exclamation marks, and dollar signs, as these symbols and words often trigger spam filters.

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Our email experts have created this free email template that will require basic knowledge of HTML to customize for your own business. It has been built using responsive design to properly display on all current email platforms. Helpful tips are included within the comments of the HTML code to guide you with customization.

Email Marketing

We offer a total email marketing solution. Our expert email team works with you to develop a customized, well-designed and accurately coded email marketing campaign. The DatabaseUSA.com® email campaign management experts are happy to walk you through the process of cleaning your customer emails, creating an email design, linked content, deployment, and campaign analytics and statistics. From subject lines to mobile-friendly/responsive design, DatabaseUSA.com® provides an all in one solution for your email marketing needs. Learn more about DatabaseUSA.com® Email Marketing Solutions.

Email Cleansing

Email list hygiene will help your brand maintain a positive reputation among consumers, as well as among email hosts. Sending to non-existent addresses or spam folders is very damaging to your IP reputation. When you damage your IP reputation, deliverability among email hosts decreases.